Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vancouver: Cockney Kings Fish & Chips

one of mother's finest
:New Westminster:

Papa GG and Momma GG really liked this place.  And if there's anything you should know about Papa GG, it's that he is really, really picky and particular.  Double Ps are difficult to please.  Momma GG on the other hand has delusions about being the least picky-eater.  She's just as hard to please, but if she likes something, she likes it hard. 

The takeaway message - if my parents like it, chances are everyone does.

That holds true to Cockney Kings.  There are two locations, but my parents are old school - they go where they always go.  New Westminster it is.

I met the sister and Momma GG for dinner last night before sister heads to suburbia to spend a few days with the mother.  It's a far trek to NewWest station for someone as anti-transit as me, but I did it.  Because I love my family.

It's got an archaic theme - but it's worked for them.  I didn't really go for the ambiance anyway.  

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays are all you can eat fish and chips.  Oh man. All I can eat?  

Who says fountain pop anyway?  They do.
Surprisingly I didn't go crazy, just a little nuts.  Four pieces of fish and two servings of fries.  Not bad.  They give you pollock, because economically, they can't really serve cod or halibut.  It's the batter that wins you over anyway, and Cockney's is good - light, flaky, buttery, and crisp.  

Great chips.
Delicious coleslaw
A little too creamy, but nice crunch and flavour
We also had an order of the prawns - deep fried in their batter - served with lemons and seafood sauce.  They were really good - delicate and perfectly fried.  They kind of popped with each bite - fresh and juicy - making it hard to share...

Hate the name. Love the food.

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