Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vancouver: Kingyo Izakaya

since 2006

Hearts entwined and love letters
Unnecessary money spent on obscenely priced flowers
Or a nice bottle of wine
A book and some quiet time
Because I am my best valentine

When's the last time I wrote up a dumb ass poem? I think it was when I first started blogging. Poetry is much like art - it is if you call it so, doesn't matter what anybody else thinks.I must have had waaaayyyy too much sugar for breakfast.

I wish I had a warm and fuzzy valentine post, but I don't.  I'm not a big valentine's day girl - single or attached. I am single right now. I choose to be. And I'm blessed that my married friends are the most amazing - not once have they ever given me a sympathetic look, or a 'there there, it will happen for you' talk.  I swear if they did, I wouldn't be friends with them. Because all of that, is not me - and they know it too well.  I say what will be, will be.  You'll see ;)

You know what they should have, izakaya day. February 14 should be the day you take your favourite company to your favourite izakaya and celebrate the cocktails and food in all its itty bitty bite size glory.  Yes, let's call today, izakaya day. I revel in drawing relationships between completely unrelated and irrelevant things :)

Our family has wanted to try Kingyo for sometime. Not for dinner, but for lunch. They serve these limited edition bento boxes. Limited because they only sell X number and then they sell out. We never managed to get there.

Then I forgot all about it, because that's usually what happens. At any given time I have 25 places on my mind. That's a lot for someone of my stature.

But Kingyo is now in Toronto. So a few friends kept singing its praises. Granted, some of these friends are show-foodies - the kind that graze on gossip versus real foodies who live in the underbelly of all food - upstream, downstream and inbetween.  

East coast Kingyo is doing really well, but I do prefer to go to the beginning - where things started and lucky for me, that's right on Denman.

My sister and I arrived on Sunday ready to eat.  And after just five dishes and a cocktail, we were actually full. Rare for an izakaya.

Service is good, and it's not as loud and obnoxious as Guu or Hapa.  I loved the main table at the front - there's this huge long grassy knoll that separates those eating on one side, to the strangers eating on the other.  It's functional decor.

The drinks are true to izakaya style - serious and delicious:

Pom Mojito
The dishes were well-presented - beautifully plated, saucy design, and deliciously inviting.

Negitoro sushi - so good my sister and I fought over the last one. We ended up tearing it into two.

The pressed salmon and avocado sushi was beautiful and ridiculously good. So complex with so much going on, but tasted simply AMAZING.

How can you not order the "Our famous invincible and undefeated tan-tan noodles". You can't, so we did. Better than "those ramen places" if you ask me. The pork bone and shrimp broth was nice and rich, lightly creamy with a nice kick.

Every dish was good - except the ebi mayo. It was just okay. Not crisp and I could have done without the limp iceberg lettuce. 

If you're wondering what my favourite izakaya is? You just need to look right ---->

In case you're lazy - it's Gyoza King.

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