Monday, February 11, 2013

Vancouver: Moderne Burger

once in a while

My mother's cute factor is to the power of a million.  It used to be she was super cute.  But over the past few months she's so cute I just want to pick her up and squeeze her. I wish I could describe her cuteness - but it's a combination of the fact she's so little and fashionable, and the way she says things, and the ridiculousness of her comments, and sometimes, it's just timing.  I want to share a story, but I know you won't think it's cute.  It's one of those, you have to know the code to understand the source kind of things...

Sister took Momma GG to Kits to do some random browsing.  Momma hadn't been there since before she was pregnant with me.  

Full disclosure - I picked Moderne Burger, but I did not eat it.  But as my mom says, family share every'ting.  Yes, she really says it like that.

So if they ate it.  It's like I did too.  Trust me when I say I got a play-by-play anyway.  My sister actually wanted to guest blog, but see, if she did, this post would not have been realized in 2014. So you get her review, my voice.

My mom actually called and said she really enjoyed her burger.  I was like "really? But mother you don't really like burgers".  And she corrects me with this:

"Nooo....sometimes I like.  Not all the time, but onceinawhiiiile..."

That's a direct quote.  It's pull quote material. 

Too bad my sister is not as vocally animated.  She's more expressive.  Her face = 1000 words or sometimes, just two: first word, four letters. starts with F, last word, you.

Sister said service was great.  The gentleman server made my mom laugh, and he was really friendly and fun.  Always a bonus if you make my mom laugh.

Difference between a seasoned food blogger and her sister.
I can refrain from biting before snapping.
She (obviously) cannot.
The burger was fresh, juicy, and topped simply but perfectly.  A delicious good old fashioned burger.

The fresh cut fries looked PHENOMENAL.  Sister said they were really, really good.  I'm really sad I have no idea, but she insists I would have ate them all.

Finally, their pièce de résistance...the milkshake.  Now, personally, me - not a milkshake fan, sister - loves it, breathes it, would sleep with it.

Coffee milkshake
I like the occasional one from Whitespot, and sister said it was similar but more bang for your buck. 

If pictures could say anything, this one says - sip me...sip me now. And you know what, I would if I could.

My sister didn't say it was amazing.  Her face did. 

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