Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vancouver: Portland Craft

poorly crafted
:Main Street:

It was one-half of the High5ing Duo's birthday. So I joined my sister and her friends to celebrate.  Portland Craft held a lot of promise - cute menu of under $5, over $5 and over $10.  Those are great price points for American tapas-like dishes.  The resto says it's inspired by the Portland food scene...sorry, I'm not familiar.  I've never been there and in fairness, I don't know much about it. Of course I do know Portland has a great shopping scene...but we're eating here, not buying.

I didn't really dig it. And there were actually two things I didn't like at all.

The "chartucerie" and the "doughnuts".  I'm air quoting here because this is not a charcuterie plate.

Bad salami, bad cheese, terribly sour green beans and grapes, and some sort of pickled fruit.  
Separately bad. Together even worse.
The doughnuts were filled with rose-flavoured whipped cream. Foamy, milky cream does not go with beignet-style batter.  Especially rose cream. Rose?  I don't like strongly scented foliage in my house, why would I want it in my face.

Again separately bad. Together even worse.
Other than those two things, the other dishes were okay. It works for a casual night out, but not a dinner. The food are more snacks, and really run secondary to their extensive beer selection. That, they got right.

Of course, Chloe's pa would disagree with me.  He was loving 'put a bird on it' aka the chicken and waffles. So much so, he ordered seconds.  That is serious love. Me? I thought the waffle was too flat, and the fried chicken was okay.  But then again, I'm coming from THIS to that. I judge chicken and waffles on three things. First, you must have amazing stand alone fried chicken. Like finger lickin' lip smackin' good fried chicken. Two, you must have fluffy waffles with a nice crisp shell to stand up to the grease, syrup and gravy, and lastly, you must have quality maple syrup with a kick. Portland's missed the mark on all three, but then again, I respect Chloe's pa's food-buds - he's one bad ass cook.  So you go be the tie breaker.

Now that you know all that, you can go. Get some beers, some fries, and the pig and pots - pork belly - can't go wrong with pork belly. It's naturally delicious.

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