Friday, February 15, 2013

Vancouver: Skoah


I'm on a mission - refresh your memory here.

My dear, dear friend Aerie got me a gift certificate to Skoah. She knows me too well. I miss her. I kept thinking how nice it would be if we had both gotten facials today and then headed to Flying Pig for dinner. Didn't happen. Sadface.

Skoah reminds me a lot of Pure + Simple. They're on the same mission: quality facials at a good price point without skimping on attention and skill. They also both have their own products.

You may think I'm biased because I LOVE PURE + SIMPLE.  I proudly do. It's an eight year relationship that I'm not willing to let go of. They are THAT awesome. Amy is THAT awesome. But until they open here - WHICH THEY REALLY SHOULD - I have very few choices. And I'm thinking....Skoah is likely the best.

Service was fantastic from the moment I emailed about an appointment, to the moment I walked in.  My facial was also quite relaxing and effective. My skin is ah-glow.

Personally, I didn't like my particular skin specialist. And I knew it before we even started. The fact I've had more than 70 facials in my lifetime, makes it easy for me to read them. I knew she was going to be lacking, and she did.  She was mediocre at best. Her massage was just short of being good, which made it more annoying. She could have also been more diligent about analyzing my face and state something beyond the OBVIOUS, but the WORST part - she sells hard. If you remember, I don't like being sold. Skin products generally sell themselves. Not to mention you should really READ your customer and decide if she's the type you should pushing product onto.  I read pretty easy. Don't sell to me. 

That said, I've booked in for another one because it's the closest thing to Pure + Simple I've found so far. But I've requested someone else. Listen, no one's going to fill Amy's shoes - they're GINORMOUS shoes to fill - but someone is going to make me smile from face to toe :)

Report on Skoah

Location: Yaletown
Interior: Minimalist, bright, simple
Ideally For: A place to take yourself
Service: Facials only
Price: $70 to $150
Duration: 45 minutes to an hour plus
Details: Fitskin and Facialicious are their signatures (facial plus a side of massage)
Bonus: Beautiful smelling products and lotions
Comments: Not all skin specialists are the same - some are too much try.

Final Grade: B

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