Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vancouver: Banana Leaf


Since moving here, I've been to the one on Broadway, Robson and Davie.  That's a lot of Banana Leaf to go around.

I hear Tropika is better.  It's on my list - the list I'm eating my way through. Bite, by bite...

Papaya salad of the Appetizer Sampler For 2  ($18)

Appetizer Sample

Malaysian Curry Laksa $13
I prefer this over the Singapore one because of the egg noodles.
Just wish it was spicier.
Nasi Goreng $13
The predominant flavour is I wasn't a huge fan.
I've had better nasi goreng and mee goreng elsewhere.
Banana Leaf is good value for good food, and best of all, it's consistent.

My absolute favourite thing on their long menu is roti canai:

I want to eat this ALL the time.
Buttery, flaky roti - soft with crisp tops and liquid curry goodness with a bit of heat.

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