Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vancouver: Basil Pasta Bar

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Everytime I walk by this place, it's busy - especially at lunch. I've tried it a few times because it's an easy answer to the annoying question: what's for dinner? I would like to leave that to my sister, but she's more rabbit and I'm more grizzly bear.  Monday was the perfect example. We left the gym starving. She wanted salad, I wanted carbs and meat.  She went home, I went to Basil.

It's custom pasta at great value ($7.95) and tastes good.  This is not the first time I've come across their formula - let's rewind to 1998. I was a naive and eager undergrad at U of T and spending most of my days at the library.  The cafeteria back then was 100x better than it is now.  During my undergrad, they had a pasta bar. And my friends and I ate there a lot. Some more than others, but chances are, we ate there at least once every two weeks.

Basil is exactly that: Click for menu.

Pick your pasta, veggies, meats, sauce, cheese and garnish. Then they sautee, fry, and mix it all together and voila, instant pasta.

Not fancy. Not authentic. Just so simple and so good.

It ain't rocket science. But it works.
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