Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vancouver: Chicco Cafe

spoonful of sugar

Over the years, during my visits to Vancouver, I would always go to Gyoza King. It's a FAVOURITE.  Which is why it's surprising I haven't gone since I moved here in October.  I sum it up to: when you face deadlines, you feel more pressured to make sure you go to a - but when you face an infinite amount of time, you figure you'll try x, y, z, since a will always be there. Gyoza King, btw, a plus.

Chiccos is next to Gyoza King. So it stands then that I have passed by it many, many times. I've always wanted to go in...and last weekend I finally did.  

It's cramped but cute and furnished with worn, wood tables. I think it's intentionally less antique, and more old comfort.

Their parfaits are abominably priced, but they have half-price take-out specials. I had the black sesame:

Layered (g)o(o)ddness
It's pieces of cheesecake/cake, cornflakes, mochi (sweet rice cake), whipped cream, a scoop of black sesame ice cream, red bean, as well as a macaron, a butterfly cookie dusted in green tea, and a shortbread cookie.

It seems like a lot, but what I liked about it was that it was light, easy to eat, and actually quite good. I liked every bit of everything - separate and together - save and except the whipped cream. I do not like whipped cream.  I usually pass off any and all whipped cream to Minnie's plate.  Minnie would like Chicco.  Mental note, take Minnie if she EVER visits me...pause.

Their baked delights aren't as sweet as what most of us North Americans are used to. Much like Korean desserts, the sugar factor is subtle, the cakes are lighter and fluffier, and they have an affinity for red bean and black sesame. So do I, so do I.

Note: Chicco only takes cash. In my pre-blogging search, I just realized Chicco and Gyoza King are owned by the same people. That makes sense. If you like one sibling, chances are you'll like the other.  Course, same can't necessarily be said about ma soeur et moi.

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