Monday, March 11, 2013

Vancouver: Nuba Café

arbiter of health

I've heard Nuba come out of everyone's mouth here in Vancouver at one point or another.

It's Lebanese and apart from the fact the cuisine is generally healthier, Nuba takes it to another level:

Fresh, organic and local (when possible)
Many vegan options
Halal, non-medicated and hormone-free meats

The hummus was really good, although I preferred the baba ghanooj :

Le Petit Feast$16
The chicken was very flavourful:  

Chicken Tawook with Hummus$12.50
The end result? Great, fresh tasting food but don't come here hungry - well at least if you're me.  

Friday night the sister and I ventured out with insatiable appetites. We left happy with our dishes, but were far from satisfied. It's also on the pricier end - I'm used to plentiful and value sized portions when it comes to Middle Eastern...I've been told to let go of that now that I'm in Vancouver. I've been told to let go of a lot of things.  I suppose it's time I spring clean my appetite encyclopedia to make room for a Vancouver state of mind. That said, I enjoyed Nuba, but could I live off it? No. There is no amount of spring cleaning that would have me say yes.  I probably couldn't eat it more than once a month either.  There are more cons than pros for me.

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