Monday, March 11, 2013

Vancouver: Sparkle Nail Salon

Report on Sparkle Nail Salon


Location: W Broadway + Alder
Interior: No frills chop-shop with television
Ideally For: A place to take yourself and/or your girls

Service: Manicure + Pedicure
Price: $45
Duration: 1 hour
Details: File, cuticle care, buff, exfoliation for feet and paraffin for hands, lotion massage, and polish application.
Massage: Great. A little more than a minute with great pressure and nice smelling lotion.
Comments: It's better than the average chop-shop but some girls are better than others. I recommend Chau - she did my feet. The girl who did my hands wasn't very good. The paraffin is an added bonus - although they double-dip - meaning everyone dips into the same bath. It has hygiene implications so it's really up to you. Best value by far.

Products: CND, OPI, Essie, Color Club

Longevity: Good

Final Grade: B

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