Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vancouver: Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna

o-mega no

I have been so busy of late that I haven’t missed Toronto as much…the city that is.  I still miss the people.  I especially miss my favourite duo.  There have been many a Friday I wish I could call out The Scotsman and Cracker. I’ve been trying to convince them to visit, but The Scotsman is busy with this:
Click to meet Milo.
How much do you love that dog? How much do you love the logo? How much do you love the video icon?

If cutest dog in the world was about how objectively cute a dog is, Milo wins. If cutest dog in the world was about who had the best branding, Milo winsFrom winners, we go to…losers?  That’s harsh, and untrue... 

Stepho’s isn’t a loser, it’s just so far from the winner this city has held it out to be.  With all the hype and accolades, it is no better than the Greek food you get from the mall food court. Mind you, I like that.

The food is good. The line-up is not. In fact, it has NOTHING to do with the quality of the food and EVERYTHING to do with the masses.

Stepho’s was made for mass consumption --– by students, high school students, university students, community college students, and anyone else who likes a deal and lives on a budget.

Oh, I love deals, but there aren’t many worth standing in line for.  Stepho’s is a clear example of that.

More often than not there is a long line at Stepho’s.  You can go early to avoid it, or you can skip it all together. Yesterday Momma GG came downtown for dinner. We intentionally went early – 5:30 to be exact – to avoid the line. 

The restaurant is loud, dark and pretty much full to capacity. The food is good – big portions and cheap. Service is basic and casual, as is the interior with its stereotypical blue-and-white checkered table coverings. Our server fixed our wobbly table as soon as he noticed it.  That is the above and beyond I admire.  He then brought me the wrong margarita, and seemed irritated when I told him so.  That is the attitude of a family-run joint I ignore. The two cancel each other so whether there were any issues with service is now moot.

The sister had a chicken pita platter.  She pita's everything:

Her fries were over-salted.  So much so, I didn’t have any. So sad.
Surprised the sister didn’t mow my leftover pita down:

round and plump - okay, nothing special
Momma GG and I each had a large souvlaki plate; Momma had chicken and shrimp, I had pork and shrimp:

 Yum for only about 12 dollars
The tzatziki was at best, average. I prefer mine a little thicker, and with a lot more bite.

I enjoy Stepho’s take-out and will continue to. I won't, however, be dining in. Mostly because the line irks me (so does the generally poor service) – it’s mere existence makes me want to stand up to the masses. If you disagree, I invite you to change your mind and join me on the side of people who know and love great Greek food.  Okay, now I miss the city again – let’s add Montreal in there because both know great Greek, and neither make you line up for it.

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