Friday, April 12, 2013

Seattle: Café Campagne

good egg hunting

Here is the final post from my trip...

Of course it's brunch. I love brunch, oh yes I do.

The sister and I miss our east coast brunches. I miss Mildred's, Stockyards, Petit Dejeuner, while she misses an entire city of AMAZING brunch. Montreal is the city where even bad brunch is good. Their bar, way up here.

Café Campagne looks like a quaint, cute, traditional French venue. And it was. They make a fantastique petit déjeuner:

Croque of my favourite brekkie/brunchie eats

My mother's omelette a l'épinard - French rolled omelette avec spinach, goat cheese and herbs
Homemade chicken and pork sausage - DELICIOUS - meaty not greasy

Side of brioche french toast...MMMmmmm
Delicious.  A great spot for well-seasoned, flavourful, true to French food.

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