Thursday, April 4, 2013

Seattle: The Crumpet Shop

must love crumpets
:Pike Place:

I like crumpets.  My sister does not. But she's also not a morning person...poor crumpets, never had a chance.

In keeping with what has become a Seattle trend, service was fantastic - with a genuine smile and love of their job. That makes this place a little gem - IF you like crumpets. They've been making them for almost 4 decades.

My sister thought the green eggs and ham was okay. She was happy they didn't skimp on the ham - a meaty generous serving - and she liked the eggs with pesto. But I think she wanted it on an english muffin.  No they are NOT one in the same. 

You think Dr. Seuss knew he'd influence the restaurant scene? I bet not I bet not Not I bet.
Momma GG really liked the red lentil soup, more than her egg and ham crumpet:

really delicious bowl of fresh, clean, flavourful soup
I thoroughly enjoyed my ricotta, honey and walnut crumpet:

just the right amount of sweet and salty, creamy and crunch
Things to note: it's not the most comfortable place to dine in and it gets busy, but the line flies. It's no frills and remember, just crumpets.

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