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Seattle: Olivar

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Momma GG has never tried Spanish food. My sister and I took 15 minutes to explain tapas to her.  Well, sell tapas to her. Sometimes we have to sell things to our's the only way we can get them to do things we want, eat things we want, or see things the way we do. I blame it on the whole 'generation of immigrant parents' thing. Anyway, we won her over...

Olivar came highly recommended so I made a reservation online through Urbanspoon.

It's a really cozy and quaint restaurant with an old facade - reminiscent of a heritage home.  It's not very big inside, and not at all fancy, but has an old romance to it. The menu is easy to navigate (cold, hot, and large plates), and they have a nice range of daily specials.

Left to Right:
Frisée salad with poached egg, crispy Sserrano
Seared scallops with leeks
Pulled pork lasagna - MY FAVOURITE
Sea bass and garlic risotto
Macaroni and cheese
Profiteroles & Ice Cream of the Day and Chocolate Creme Brulee.
The profiteroles were a little stale and the chocolate brulee was far too dense for me.
All the dishes were really good. Flavourful - bold Spanish tapas with a French influence. I only had two complaints. The first was with the bass and risotto. While cooked perfectly, there was no garlic taste and the risotto leaned a little to the bland side. My second issue was with the spicy mussels. They were amazing. Truly. I could have ate it all night. So what's my issue? Take a look:

What is obviously wrong with this picture?
You needn't be a blogger, foodie, cook, chef or critic to answer...
Yes, the VERY VERY burnt baguette. It looks unappetizing. It tasted unappetizing. It should never have left the kitchen.
But it did. we ate around the burnt pieces and then asked for more bread.
 The waitress, Kelly was her name, CHARGED me for the extra bread. That alone made me cut her tip in half. Yes. Half.
Do not mess with me when I'm on vacation.

I wanted to tip her $2. But Momma GG and the sister would not have it. My family makes me nicer.
Just so I can end on a happy note.
Olivar on Urbanspoon

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