Monday, April 8, 2013

Seattle: Pike Place Chowder

nonetheless delicious
:Pike Place:

It's an institution. I use that word to describe anything locals and tourists know is a trap, but go anyway. I'm sure years ago it was cheaper, but as critical acclaim and press accumulate, so do the dollars. I suppose that's just good enterprise?  Who knows, I'm no business major. But I have a degree in CHOWDAAAA...pause.

I have been here two of the three recent trips I've taken to Seattle. Papa GG liked it here a lot.  He loves chowder too. He would never wait in line of course, no, he would sit and relax in the sun as Momma GG and I go get his food and bring it to him. 

It was a fifteen minute wait, but worth it for Momma GG to get herself a "famous" crab roll and me the seafood bisque and new england clam chowder. Both were really good. I had meat in every bite - how often does that happen?!  The chowder was the perfect consistency, not too thick and not too runny. But remember, these two little cups will set you back about $15 with tax. Shudder. (You get free oyster crackers with that. If you like that sort of thing. I do not. I am a cracker-free-soup-kinda-woman.)

Chowder > Bisque per yours truly
Bisque> Chowder per the sister
If you're wondering what the sister had...she had Jack's. Another famous Pike Place joint. It's an actual fish stand in the market that serves up really, really good fried fish (and fried prawns, etc.). She had that because she's always gotta walk to the beat of her own drum.  Dun, dun.

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