Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Seattle: Serious Pie

negative ratio

Took a weekend trip down to the good old US of A.  I like Seattle. The city puts Vancouver to shame. Seattlers are so very customer service oriented. If I made hotel recommendations, I would tell you stay at the W hotel. I've stayed in a lot of hotels, and the people at the W Seattle are by far the best I have ever encountered in this continent or the next.


I would describe Serious Pie as a casual restaurant with a fun vibe that serves soulful pizza - simple yet complex and hits home. It's got a nice blistered stone-encased oven crust with simple, flavourful toppings but a very poor crust to topping ratio. Handcrafted pizza that's priced at just under $20 should never be short on toppings. Never, ever.

If you're wondering then why it's so popular, that's easy - it's one of Tom Douglas' many (ten I think) restaurants.  He is arguably the face of Seattle's restaurant/chef scene. But Serious Pie is not his baby - I've had pizza like this everywhere from Toronto to NYC to right here in my new hometown of Vancouver.

Is Serious Pie's any better? No, but it's just as good - and that works for me. 

penn cove clams, house pancetta, chilies $18

buffalo mozzarella, red sauce, fresh basil $16
 And this stew, although too salty, delicious: 

mediterranean octopus stew, white beans, fennel $11

Beware of:
1. Long waits
2. Crowded communal tables
3. It's louder than your average restaurant
4. Mexican coca cola - is literally that. I should have known. $4 for a small bottle of Coke that may or may not be made with cane sugar.
5. Skimpy toppings
Approach with extreme caution:  
A very rude male waiter - a plumpish, sloppy hipster looking guy. Said gentleman didn't serve my table, but he happened to be blocking my mom when we were on our way out. When I tapped him - because he was wholly oblivious - he retorted: "whaddyawant?". Shame on him. Needless to say, my tongue is still bleeding from whenst I bit it. Better to bite my tongue - goes in line with my motto: grin and bear it, then blog it. Blog it loud.

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