Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vancouver: Cafe Medina

latte gold

Once news got out I was moving back to Vancouver, people had a lot to say to me. Many words of encouragement, some words of discouragement…

The one consistent thing people said to me was: have you tried Medina yet? You will love Medina.

Look at that, I do.

It wasn’t necessarily about the food. In fact it was 25% the menu and food, 50% the venue, culture and service, and 25% the latte. One latte grabbed one-quarter of my love.  Seriously.

The lavender latte is good as they say. It’s subtle,lightly  sweetened, softly scented and loudly delicious. 

Poetry in a cup
It’s a quaint café with chic décor, and a little east coast urban if you ask me. Comfortable but chic, very much like the service. The back room gets fully lit by natural light that I recommend you go on a sunny weekend afternoon. It’s perfect.

We all started with a waffle ($3.15 plus $1 topping):

Salted caramel because I don’t much like rosewater, and chocolate and fruit make me uncomfortable…

The menu is culturally eclectic and flavor-packed bistroesque food. Favourites include paella ($12), cassoulet ($15), and tangine ($14). I had the latter:

2 poached eggs, spicy tomato stew, red pepper, merguez sausage, Moroccan olives, cilantro with grilled foccacia and raita
My favourite twin had the paella:
1 baked egg, curried orzo, Hungarian chorizo, zucchini, red pepper, roasted corn, grano padano, watercress, avocado, and tomato salad

 This is not your mother’s brunch/breakfast. It’s cultured comfort food with a fabulous twist.

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