Friday, April 26, 2013

Vancouver: Go Fish Ocean Emporium

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:Island Park Walk - Granville Island:

I know...I have been quiet.  The sister would disagree, but then again you guys choose when you want to hear me, she doesn't get such a choice.  I have been off the grid entertaining the BFF and his lady love.  I think I've now fully recovered from from the long gluttonous, lush-icous visit. They made a dedicated stop in Vancouver for me. Awww shucks right? They also brought with them a few east coast friends. Double J were itching to hit Go aquabus later we were on Granville Island walking up to 1st.

Along Island Park Walk (a beautiful walk) lies a little shack that gives its patrons a peek into quintessential west coast life: sun, sea, sky, and great seafood.

We arrived about 15 minutes before it opened and waited in line. By the time they started taking our orders, there was a very long line behind me. I can tell you this. I would not wait in that line. Nothing that came out of the shack was worth the wait time. But your time, your choice.  I would take out of town visitors who enjoy the novelty of things that are very Vancouver-in-your-face. They will love it. Those who like to play in the underbelly of a city, likely will not.

Since it was a beautiful day and I was in amazing company, I didn’t much mind the wait. I ordered an oyster tacone.  Not sure why they call it a tacone – it’s just a taco (flour tortilla, not corn).

My wonderful company enjoyed the meal, and the way in which we had it. At a giant picnic table under the sun, by the water, with the sound of the water and a light breeze.

West coast happiness.

It’s pricey. It’s good. But it’s ordinary.

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