Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vancouver: Felicos

o-o-opa richmond-style

 When in Richmond, I usually go to the same places, and only these places, then I get the heck outta dodge:

  1. Daiso
  2. Ikea
  3. T&T or H Mart
  4. Sushi House
  5. Jang mo jib  – As of February 2013 – I no longer go. Service sucked. Food sucked. Ever wonder how to tell if a Korean restaurant is sh*t?  Easy. There are only Chinese people eating there – like exclusively.

Um ya, that’s my Richmond repertoire. I am willing to get down with other things. The trick is getting me there. Momma GG likes to meet in Richmond – it’s accessible for both of us. So I begrudgingly showed up after work.  Happy I did, because I found a replacement for #5 up there. I didn't do it on my own co-worker Naka suggested it. Naka did good.

Welcome to the club Felicos

Just a few blocks from Lansdowne station there’s a standalone Mediterranean restaurant. The interior was memorable for its art deco feel and high ceilings with skylights.  Very Momma GG friendly. A meld of new age class and traditional comfort. I MUST mentioned their doors. Yes, their doors. Their front doors are beautiful. Strikingly so. I want them in my home. If I ever buy a home. But that may be unlikely as I have commitment issues. I just went off on a tangent...

Felicos serves the contemporary Greek food we have come to expect, in a rather cute, more upscale venue. All for about a $5 surplus.  
Sauteed seafood ($19)
A nice serving of prawns, scallops, halibut, and salmon in a creamy white wine mushroom sauce
REALLY good - the sauce was not too creamy - juuuuust right

Chicken souvlaki ($16)
Meat, juicy pieces served with staziki, rice pilaf, roasted potatoes and salad
See that potato?  Really good...
AAA Beef souvlaki special ($17)
Damn's those potatoes again.
Was not happy about the lack of tzatziki on my plate, but I simply took Momma GG's
Momma GG doesn't like tzatziki? Wth mom...
She does love greek salad though, which is why I gave her mine too:
So flavourful - and fantastic feta.
This is no Stephos. It’s family-owned but with warm and welcoming service and well-seasoned, well-made dishes with the traditional elements of Greece: olive oil, garlic, cheese…

Bottom line? We’d all pay the extra $5 per dish.
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