Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vancouver: Hawksworth


My BFF and crew are a sophisticated bunch. They like fine dining and have discernable taste.  They also bring out my most materialistic side, which, since moving to Van, has taken a back seat to my need to adapt to the tree hugging, kale munching, lulu lemon lounging…

I picked Hawksworth for dinner after it came highly recommended from Chloe's ma and pa. Those two know their food. Reservations were easy – one email and a telephone call later I had a table. They were, at all times, professional and courteous. Sidebar: whoever screens, hires and then trains the staff should really share his wisdom.
Hawksworth faces the backend of the Art Gallery and is on the lower level of the elegant Hotel Georgia. If context is any indicator, this tells you a lot about the restaurant – stylish, refined and heaps of character. 
In the interest of full disclosure, I should let you know if there was anything unclassy about the restaurant, it was me and my people. But hey, it was day 3 of a 5 day bender, and we started drinking at Reflections before our 8:30 reservation and the liquor flowed all throughout dinner. Tip: Visit Reflections - beautiful terrace...amazing drinks.

Our server was fantastic – attentive and polite. Even though he likely thought us sloppy, he didn’t let it show or detract from how well he took care of us.

Nine guests, six courses:
halibut ceviche grapefruit, avocado, jalapeño
Fresh and zesty.

pacific uni burrata, asparagus, nori, orange
Creatively delicious.
I've never had asparagus wrapped in fried nori and I LOVED that too.
spring legume risotto parmesan supplement of preserved perigord black truffle ($)
Simple. What I imagine spring tastes like.
kauai prawn house made cotechino, potato, shellfish broth
Sexy shellfish
Bonus points for the deep fried heads.
bacon wrapped rabbit loin leg meat croquette, apricot, violet mustard, jus
Quite beautiful, isn't it.

yogurt panna cotta mango, garam masala
Traditional panna cotta with an unconventional twist.

I haven't had a dining experience like this since Toronto. Simply put: smart delicious contemporary food, creatively plated and lovingly served in an elegant and beautiful restaurant. The seasonal six-course tasting menu is $84 ($94 if you add black truffles, which I did…because much like foie gras, I find it hard to say no to contemptuous obnoxiously expensive food...especially fungus), $134 with wine pairing. Before you balk at the price, let me give you some context. Average cost of fine dining in Toronto is $130 without wine and you leave hungry. $84 and filling, sounds like a deal.

Hawksworth is a little more appealing now isn’t it? Regardless, for me it has a special place. It was my first Vancouver fabulous fine food find. FFFF-ing awesome, and so worth it. 
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