Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vancouver: Kaya Malay Bistro


I had no idea there were so many Malaysian restaurants in Vancouver. I don't think I ever went to one in Toronto. Ever.

Come to think of it, the first time I had it was with the BFF in Sydney. It was spectacular. Guessing nothing in Canada will come close, but at least I know it's not for lack of quantity.

Yes, yes, Banana Leaf is a favourite among native Westcoasters. It's good. Tropika is on my list. If Aerie loves it, I'm pretty sure it will likely come out on top as my favourite. I'll let you know.

I hit Kaya Malay for lunch yesterday with Riri and Beatrice, two co-workers. Yes, co-workers. See everybody, I play well with others. I'll be frank, it has been different working in such a big office. The inherent nature of that means navigating office dynamics, relationships and politics. But I think I'm lucky - my office is really well balanced.

The three of us hit Kaya because Riri likes that there's no line and it's less crowded than Banana. And in my opinion - which is why you're here right - I liked it better. 

cheap + cheerful
Kaya's roti is also better because it's not as soggy, but I think the curry is better at Banana.

The laksa was better too, although a slightly smaller portion.

Bring on the next one. I'm gonna eat malay to the top.

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