Friday, May 10, 2013

Vancouver: Pizzeria Farina

alarmingly delicious

Disclaimer: The fire alarm rang intermittently for a the first quarter of my visit.  No idea why. It was loud and annoying, until I downed my first glass of wine...then it was just loud.

Seating is sparse with high metal bar chairs, but it was surprisingly comfortable – Momma GG thought so too which means it's senior friendly. Yes, Momma GG knows I call her a "senior".  She calls herself a "senior".

Farina's pizza is fabulous - very similar to Serious Pie in Seattle. The bottom crust was a little soggy in the centre but not enough to detract from the pizza.

They have a handful of tasty options and a daily special to boot.

The menu:

Our choices:

Daily special

The funghi was better than the special. The special was a tad salty, and I'm convinced it had more to do with the bitterness of the kale than the prosciutto, but my dinner guests disagreed. Either way all three of us liked funghi the best.

We polished off two pizzas. It’s a great place for an easy dinner. And in my books, one of the better pizza places in west coast Canada.
Casual, friendly, and simple. 

Housemade oils to boot. If you buy them at $10 I will shake my head at you. Why buy when you can easily DIY?!? Here, here, and here.
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