Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vancouver: Elysian Coffee

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I'm off to see old faces -- the best faces -- my dearest friends in the Tdot. They're my "other" family, my support network, my be-alls-and-end-alls and stand-by-mes. These are a rarity. You only learn that with each year that passes. I will miss Momma GG and the sister, but I trust they'll miss me more. Sure, they'll enjoy the peace and quiet on days 1 and 2, but days 3 to my return will seem like an eternity, a sad, sad eternity. Right?

Tonight I'm off to New York.  I know, you're green with envy. Stay green because I'll also be stopping in my favourite Canadian city, Montreal where I'll eat some poo-tine for me, and some empanadas for the sister.

Yesterday was a busy but quiet day at work. I had to run some errands on my lunch. Not the smartest idea because it seems everyone was running errands the Friday of a long weekend so there were long lines and a handful of impatient people hawing and hoing. How do I balance that negativity? By treating myself to one of my favourite things - a perfect cappuccino.

Perfect? Does that exist? It can, it's all about context too. Your mood when you got it, the manner in which it was made, the care in which it was served, and of course, that first sip.

My first time at Elysian Coffee, and it was exactly what I needed after those errands, a cute, simple, quiet, and anti-hectic space. It was full of students studying quietly and several health care workers (obviously, given its proximity).

The two guys behind the counter were cute, not cute I want to make babies, but cute I want to high 5.  They were pleasant, friendly and welcoming. They genuinely bantered and the barista made my cappuccino exactly the way I like it...with lots of crema - the foamy brown stuff at the top of an espresso shot.

My first sip of crema was genuine happiness. Creamy, aromatic, not burnt or bitter. 

It's the little things that make me smile, all these little things...

they add up to why I'm in love with you
Next visit to Elysian - must try their baked goodies.  They were placed with such care into their display case, and smelled delicioso.

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