Monday, June 24, 2013

Vancouver: Food Cart Fest

and on the seventh day, let there be food trucks
:Under the Cambie bridge:

Who: The good people of The Streetfood Vancouver Society (There's a society for that?!)
What: About 20 food trucks parked in a circular pattern in a random lot.
When: Every Sunday until September 22, 2013 between 12 noon and 5 pm
Where: 215 West 1st Avenue
Why: Because our street food scene is blowing up. 

Some hits, many misses, and a few awesomes:

Doggie dog - MISS

Feastro the rolling bistro - MISS...the pulled pork nacho bite was lacking SEASONING. As Gordon Ramsay says, if you can't even get the seasoning right, f*ck off.

Holy perogy - good, but I'd skip it.

Jj's trucketeria -  meh, skip it.

Johnny's pops - didn't try it, but it got an honourable mention because something tells me it's a HIT- balsamic strawberry basil pop...YES please.

The juice truck - good, especially if you like to drink tasty health - think blueberries, almond milk, cinnamon, cardamom, dates and matcha

The kaboom box - HIT, mushroom poutine

Mogu Japanese street eats - AWESOME chicken karage

Reel mac and cheese - AWESOME seven cheese mac and cheese...count that, seven, repeat that, holy what.

Roaming dragon - MISS, bad rice ball, bad - if I wanted sticky rice, I'd go to dimsum and if I wanted arancini balls, I'd find an italian joint. I would not fuse the two. But that's just me.

Tacofino - AWESOME chocolate-diablo cookie - sweet and spicy goodness, same goes for the pork jowl taco - AWESOME. You also have the choice of hitting up the restaurant on East Hastings - great decor, awesome drinks

Yolk's breakfast - AWESOME truffle potato skewer and helloooo, chicken and waffles, what.

Tacofino's $5 tacos
Top: AWESOME pork jowl
Bottom: Okay fish taco

1. It will be busy, so prepare to line-up if necessary. 
2. Admission is $2. Don't gripe, support. Children 13 and under are free and families don't pay more than $5. Vancity members get in free.
3. This is their second annual festival. Let there be many more.
4. For more details visit:

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