Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vancouver: Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

for a good time call 604.669.1940
:Robson Street:

Happy. Hour. Sigh. Say it to me again.

Happy hour in Toronto = $3 drinks and a good timeHappy hour in Vancouver = food at 50% and a good time

A good time in Toronto is usually me and a couple dozen or so friends, frenemies, acquaintances and strangers letting loose the good old fashioned way - with the help of free-flowing liquor. It usually leads to a night of laughs, spilled drinks, sore feet, blaring music, and one or two fist pumps. It also leaves me with my wallet still full.

A good time in Vancouver seems to be me and a handful of friends or family sharing stories and conversation with a few high priced drinks and half-priced food. I leave with my wallet half-empty.

Apples and kumquats?!?

I've had dinner at Joe Fortes over the years. It's always as it was. Classy service and solid food. It's where families rub elbows with like-minded families to break bread.

But I'm here about the half-priced food. I only JUST tried their happy hour: 50% off their bar menu, but only in the bar. The bar consists of high-chairs and small tables. It's excruciatingly limited seating, and not the most comfortable, but for a 50% discount it's a small sacrifice.

Their happy hour ROCKS because they have buck-a-shuck. I love oysters. Like deeply. I believe my record is 72 oysters (set in 2010 in Toronto).

$1 x 6 slurpworthy bites
Jumbo tempura prawns ($14.95) and truffle parmesan fries ($9.95)
I wasn't crazy about the tempura prawns. Way too much tempura and far from evenly coated. The fries you ask? Glad you did, delicious alone but bonkers with truffle and parmesan.

Jumbo tiger prawn cocktail ($14.95)
Beautiful isn't she? I mean really, stunning. Makes you dismiss the fact there are only three. Seriously?

Mini lobster and shrimp rolls ($13.95)
I am partial to the way they make lobster rolls over in the east simple with the fewest ingredients possible. That said, I didn't mind these and they were quite adorable in their mini toast-like pockets.

Other items on the bar menu include mini cheeseburgers, onion rings, fried oysters, sweet potato fries, crisp calamari, oysters rockefeller, beef carpaccio and shrimp ceviche.  I think I can cover all that in two more visits. Wait and see.

I would NOT pay full price for anything I ordered on the bar menu. The price of the items borders on unreasonable for what came out of the kitchen. For me, at those prices, Hi Hawksworth. Hi L'Abbatoir. Hi Chambar. Walk away Joe, walk away.

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