Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vancouver: Peckinpah

carolina, carolina, oh carolina...

I completely forgot about Peckinpah, and that's not because it was forgettable. Was it amazing? No. But it was good y'all.

I love barbecue. Although my favourite type can't be's the home-kind - throw some sh*t on the barbie, get friends to bring some crap (crap here is salad, dessert, junkfood, etc.), knock an ice cold drink back, and then graze...for hours...I love grazing. I do it so well. Sit, eat, eat, sit, eat, stand, eat... ... lay down.

Last night was one of those nights. So I was thinking about barbecue...then Peckinpah re-surfaced while talking to the bestie. I usually have a great memory, but somehow I forgot we ate here during his visit. Better late than never.

It was downpouring on the second-to-last day of their visit and everything was closed. Vancouver is not the city for Sunday funday. Everything's closed.  

Peckinpah was open so we strolled in...STARVING. Which may explain why we ate all this:

Beef and pork platter ($23) with southern greens and fries
Those green was dayam good.
Baked mac'n cheese $13 - applewood smoked cheddar
If you don't like mac and cheese we can't be friends, and...
WHAT'S wrong with you?!
Oyster po'boy ($15)
Fantastic bread, nicely fried oysters, and all the right fixings.

Salad with brisket and pork...
This is how I prefer my salad: 50% protein, 50% green.
The salad was my least favourite thing, but it was still good. The hushpuppies were a little dry, but the rest of the food arrived in great portions, well-seasoned, and tasty.

It's CAROLINA style BBQ so don't expect the barbecue you're thinking about right now. It's not sweet, tangy, or saucy. It's more dry rub, vinegary, and smokey. People take their BBQ seriously. It's an art - which means it's open to interpretation and not everyone has the same taste.

For us, it was good ol' southern BBQ at solid prices. 

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