Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vancouver: Romer's Burger Bar

food in the window...pause

Sometimes, I just want a burger, and I want it bad. I get these cravings and become mildly obsessed until they're satisfied. Burger craving set it on Tuesday. Hit Romer's on Thursday. Romer's was top of mind because I was there on Sunday and left without trying the doughnuts...I know - that's unlike me. Lucky I had a burger craving a few days later isn't it.

Romer's burgers are a la carte. That's probably how their average burgers fly under the radar of the less discerning public. Things add up and before you know it, you spent a lot for nothing.  That's how I felt about Romer's. It was good, but it wasn't THAT good.

Overall, it's a solid burger. They use quality ingredients: range-fed Angus beef, natural pork, free-run chicken, to name a few, all served on lightly griddle brioche buns. Thumbs up for brioche - one of my favourite breads. All burgers come with an "amazing garlic olive and pepperocini". Romer's menu does a lot of this - fanfare that is.

Service was slow. Very slow. The sister almost got hangry. It was NOT the kitchen. The kitchen was banging the food out. Every time I looked at the window, there was food sitting there. Minutes passed and still there. Ours was in the window for way too long, and the poor couple next to us, same thing. Where were the servers? Talking to each other. Shame. One was even facing the kitchen. 

We had the man's man burger:

thick applewood bacon, amber ale cheddar, onion strings, smoked alder salts, vine ripened tomato, whole grain mustard
Truffle oil and reggiano fries:

Mmmmm....smells good, tastes good.
Roasted organic beet salad:

two-bite salad for $4
Now, the reason Romer's came onto my radar in the first place - DOUGHNUTS. Four people, from four different circles, all told me they were amazing.  Sorry guys, I disagree.

They are the fairground doughnuts - you know, the kind you get from CNE or PNE.  I think they're called Tiny Toms. They're good, but they're nothing to call home about. I am inclined to think everyone likes them because of the sauces. In order of deliciousness: Maple Whiskey-Lemon Limoncello-Kahlua Nutella (Psst, Romer's your menu has a typo: unless kaluha is not kahula)

If I could, I would dip everything in that maple whiskey caramel sauce. Yes, even my finger.
A few days earlier I had fries with truffle aioli:

And spicy pork lettuce wraps with tamarind chili:

Now don't judge me because I had fries twice. I love french fries.

So this post is one of those rare occasions where I have two-times the opinion. Sadly for Romer's, both times I wasn't impressed, but then again I wasn't disappointed. I doubt I'd go for a burger again, after all, Vancouver has some great burger joints offering better flavours and worth the money. 

But I would go back to Romer's for all their different fries and dip. They have so many. Remember, I love variety. It wins me over every time.

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