Thursday, July 25, 2013

Montreal: Lola Rosa Park

now break bread


Memories of Montreal. Did you know the best empanadas come out of this city. Of course I had one. Still perfect. So I took a dozen to go for me and the sister. I feel like a bad daughter since I didn't save any for Momma GG. But shhh, let's not tell her.

Thanks to the sister's friend, Greenthumbs, I also ate at Lola Rosa. A vegetarian bistro in the plateau that I likely would not have found without him.  He has great taste - in fashion and food - and low/no? tolerance for anything substandard. 

Lola Rosa is easily described as a non-vegetarian's favourite vegetarian restaurant. I am an insatiable and unforgiving carnivore and I liked this restaurant...surprisingly, a lot. They have the cutest terrace, and the service is warm and pleasant.

They don't have a big menu but it's diverse and almost everything can be made vegan or gluten-free. It's really well-priced and above all, it's delicious. My fellow carnivore Cracker loved it, as did our vegetarian, Piripiri.

Demi nachos
Colourful and tasty
Everything on my plate - delightful - from the salad and vinaigrette to the spinach bechamel (at least that's what I think it was...)

The nachos are back for an encore...
do you want more?

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