Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New York: Balthazar Restaurant



Someone once told me Balthazar was a NYC institution. What does that mean really? It just means there are some restaurants you go to for nostalgia or the quintessential experience. Balthazar is where authentic NYC diner meets fake Parisian bistro. It's not amazing, it's quite expensive, but it is a genuine big city experience -it's bustling and busy. 

My advice would still be to skip it, unless you want to rub elbows with tourists and a handful of regulars while munching on average food. If you manage to get a table without a reservation, grab a quick bite and go. After all, outside those doors is the wonder of SoHo. When in this borough, I embrace the streets more than the eats. But we needed a quick lunch before we ran a muck in SoHo toward Tribeca, then further south to Wall Street and to the bridges. A long impending journey calls for mac and cheese:
Cast iron skillet and gratin top.  I could have done with more fire on that...couldn't you?

And one of my favourite salad types - the always delicious niçoise:


Balthazar's take on this French composed favourite was on the greasy end, but the anchovies were a nice touch and about 10 minutes later I ate it all. It must have been good? But it's over now. It must have been good...

Sidebar: I find myself wondering these days if my music references are lost on my readers since they're kind of all over the map. I give you some One Direction, a lot old school hip hop, and then a throw in a little Roxette...oh, music - it's the gift that keeps on giving.

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  1. I finally found someone to agree with me. What's so famous about Balthazar? It's really nothing special. Food is really not impressed to me especially you are eating at a shoulder-to-shoulder environment. It's really not a dating spot or hanging out spot. It's simply a check list spot for tourist. Food is really forgotten after you taste it.


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