Sunday, July 21, 2013

New York: Crif Dogs

embrace the weiner
:East Village:

I'm a lover of hot dogs, especially Toronto street meat. Nothing compares.

Course I'm also a fan of fun weiners, and by fun I mean toppings that make you go uhhhmaagawd. 

Crif Dogs is that kind of place. A sub-ground level dive with a private speakeasy (PDT) for those in the know and anyone who can read the internet (no longer for the elite, and more a way for anyone to impress him, her or them). 

So my advice, skip PDT and just go eat a hot dog, they have a long list of endless dog combinations:

temptee dog
new yorker
jon jon deragon
good morning

Every dog can be customized your way so you're bound to find something just for you. It's cheap, it's cheerful and they have a kick-ass playlist. Crif is by far my second favourite dog.

I had the chihuahua - bacon wrapped dog with avocado and sour cream plus a side of cheese fries.  

Dirrrtyyyy good.
Every bite was a mix of crisp bacon and plump juicy weiner with creamy avocado and tart sour cream.
Minnie had the sour cheese dog - sour pickles and cheese:

I recommend the wrapped weiners. Safety first, haha. No seriously, it's a safer bet - they're damn good and the dogs stay juicier inside layers of bacon or ham.

And don't forget the sides - you have to try at least one. Tater tots, or in my case, I had the waffle fries with cheese - crisp potatoes with melted cheese. Don't count calories, count smiles.

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