Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Toronto: Tavoos

where there is ruin...
:College + Dufferin:

Jimmy never tells me where we're going. It's always a surprise and as much as I don't like surprises, he's always opened my eyes to the good in the bad, the beautiful in the ugly, and of course - the culture in the food.

Far west on College, where I rarely venture, he showed me there is a treasure. Takht-e Tavoos, an Iranian gem, is the sister restaurant to The Pomegranate and Sheherzade, both of which are further east, at College and Bathurst.

Restaurants in Dufferin Grove are rarely elaborate, not that Tavoos is. It's actually pretty simple, but you feel a lot of culture in the little things like murals, beautiful pottery and 'Persian' rugs.

Jimmy insisted we go picnic - so I took a seat on the 'Persian' rug. It was  awkward in a dress, but I managed, and it was so comfy I could have taken a little nap.

Tavoos is only brunch, and it's really good. 

  • The olives are delightful - coated in a walnut and pomegranate paste. 
  • The bread is really good - crispy and chewy.
  • The feta is divine - creamy, oh so creamy and less salty than most - my preferred feta.
Jimmy had a pair of sunny-side-up eggs on a bed of crispy fried potatoes, topped with creamy homemade feta, olives and bread:

Same as Jimmy's minus potatoes plus smoked salmon and sauteed haloumi.
Remember, I f*cken love haloumi.
The only thing I didn't like on the plate were the greens. Mint and parsley. Blech. Mint in mojitos? Okay. Otherwise? Blech. I feel the same way about parsley. If it's chopped up like garnish and therefore too tedious to pick out, I'll eat it. Otherwise? Blech.

Greens aside, Tavoos is a bit of tradition to go with your morning eats. Even if you're not one for ceremony, you've got to like eggs and good eats?

Sidebar: Iranian tea. Beautiful glassware, warm, light and inviting.

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