Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Toronto: Origin Restaurant & Bar

used to captivate me
:St. Lawrence:

When Origin first opened...it had my attention. A stylish venue showcasing ethereally plated food. Pseudo-literally...every dish was unworldly beautiful and tasted heavenly. At least that's what I remember. 

This time around, it was less so. It felt more like an overpriced lunch. Still good but I felt no love and service was so proper and pretentious it was almost cold.

Luckily I had the company of an old friend? I question-mark that because although now I consider him a friend, once upon a time I imagined punching him in the face. He's an acquired taste but one that has grown on me over time. Let's call him McLaren.

McLaren picked Origin because it's in the vicinity of his new office, it's also fancy, just like him.

The patio was perfect for a lunch. It wasn't a quick lunch though, they take their time and serve you in a particular order so the dishes follow seamlessly after one another. Of course I found that annoying, cause sometimes girl just wants to eat. McLaren finally spoke up because he needed to get back to the office too. 

Miso black cod...
I love black cod. I've eaten it countless times.
This was not memorable. 
These two were my favourite...because you can't go wrong with duck...and you had me at fior di latte (cow's milk mozzarella):

Fior di latte with mushrooms, truffle oil and spinach - Mmmmm...delectable.
Chinois duck on flour tortillas with cucumber, hoisin, sriracha and sour cream. Yum.
Japanese style tuna salad with asian pear avocado and spicy ponzu dressing
The rice puffs were different. Not better, just different.
Taking every dish into account, lunch was really good. Worth the $100 tab? I think that warrants a retraction.

Lunch was just good.

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