Friday, August 23, 2013

Vancouver: Bob Likes Thai

i like bob
:Broadway + Granville:

I'm going to make this short. Bob Likes Thai is legit, really good Thai. The end.

For those that need a bit more, let me continue. Let's start with who put Bob on my radar. Meet Ceecee here. You can see why I trust Ceecee's palate. So when she raved about Bob Likes Thai I figured I must go. After all, I have been looking for a Thai place since I moved here. A good Thai place, not any Thai place.

Finally. The name is ridiculous, but so is the food, ridiculously good. So far in Vancouver, best Thai I found and I know what I'm looking for: aromatic and flavourful food with a kick.

The menu isn't large, but it doesn't need to be. The prices are reasonable and the portions are generous.

The pad thai is sweet, tart, savoury with a soft lingering heat. I liked it a lot.
It doesn't hold a candle to Faubourg, but some things should never be compared to.
The green curry chicken was even better. Spicy, savoury with ample chicken, bamboo shoots and basil:

Awesome spring rolls - crispy flaky shell stuffed with carrot, cabbage, mushrooms and noodles
This place just became my go-to for Thai. Thank goodness for a guy named Bob.

Bob Likes Thai Food on Urbanspoon

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