Sunday, August 18, 2013

Vancouver: Food Cart Fest II

gonna bring the flavour
:Under the Cambie bridge:

Back again...Momma GG in tow. It was a hot, hot, hot day. Momma GG found shade under the tent where she guarded our seats after taking a lap around to peruse the trucks.

The Food Cart Fest is an awesome concept and I look forward to going again next year, and the year after that. One location, many food trucks. But let me break it down:
Food Trucks you must-try:
1. Yolk's Breakfast
2. La Taqueria
 3. Le Tigre 
 4. Johnny's Pops 
 5. Vij's Railway Express
Momma GG wanted pizza so we got her Pazza Rella. I did not like it at all. It was soggy. The sister was more forgiving, although she just said "it's not worth mentioning". Course I rarely listen to her.

Yolk was a clear winner again. I didn't love the chicken and waffles but it was still good.

Vij's was awesome...isn't it always?

Johnny's pops were worth the second take.

Le Tigre was delicious.

Brown paper bags had really cute packaging. Something I would do. 

But these ice cream sandwiches were not worth their price tag.
I'm still indifferent about the natural peppermint they used. I think I prefer my artificial mint chocolate chip ice cream, but that's just me.

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