Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vancouver: Hamburger Mary's Diner

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People do not like Hamburger Mary's Diner. I think it has a polarizing effect on people. As will the statement I make in the following paragraphs. 

What's to hate on? Seems people complained of service, and the lack of gluten free options, and the fact it was just "okay" and "nothing special". To them I say,'s a greasy spoon. And one that has been around a long time. Sorry they don't have gluten free. Dirty dives aren't known for meeting all dietary restrictions and not every restaurant in this city needs to adapt with the hundreds of evolving diets and tastes out there.

This leads to my observation about Vancouver - why the steep rise in gluten-free eaters in the city when the prevalence of Celiac has not exponentially increased here or frankly anywhere? That's all I will say since I know saying anymore will get me in hot water.

Cool down and consider this: Hamburger Mary's is not here to please anyone. They do what they've done best and that's feed their customers. And they have a lot of them, so if you don't like it I think they'd rather you stay home.

I like them and the sister and I enjoyed our meal. It was a solid clubhouse sandwich. Plain white bread - toasted the way they do it at golf clubs - the way it's supposed to be. Generously stuffed and served with good fries. All for about ten bucks.

I'm sold. If you want comfort dirrtyyyy diner eats, Hamburger's Mary is here to serve and they're doing it until late. I know fellow Yelpers really don't like it. Shame, cause I do.

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