Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vancouver: Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant


Raulie recommended Joyeaux for Vietnamese. Thanks Raulie.

I loved Joyeaux. It is the definition of cheap and cheerful. Huge menu, friendly service, and Vietnamese comfort food. If you're in a rush they have an easy order by picture/number menu or if you have time, sit down be served.

It has all of my favourites: pho, bun, lemon grass fish, salad rolls, iced coffee, etc. And it's all well made, served in good portions, and easy on the wallet. So easy I let Momma GG pay when we went for an encore.

On the first visit, the sister opted for beef noodle soup:

She ate it all. Animal.
I had the seafood noodle soup:

Not one to talk, I ate it all too.
A week later we returned, this time with Momma GG, and ordered the shredded crab noodle soup, beef noodle soup, seafood fried rice, fried tofu with black bean sauce, and spring rolls. Every dish was good (except the shredded crab noodle soup...skip it). The waitress thought we ordered too much food. OBVIOUSLY she has no idea about us.

Mmmmm...spring rolls. 
Two jumps for joy.

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