Monday, August 19, 2013

Vancouver: La Casa Gelato

too too much

La Casa Gelato was overwhelming. So many people. So many flavours. So many workers. So many so many so many. I didn't like the experience. It was too many of so much.

I finally settled on espresso chip. It was an average gelato. 

Tasty but the cone was terrible. Tasted like plastic.

The workers were fantastic though. Each greeted me with a smile and were always happy to help.

This leads me to my important message to independent shops. Appreciate your customers lest you feel my wrath. Read my review on Swiss Bakery on Yelp. Sorry Raulie, but if a business is unnecessarily rude I will show no on mercy. 

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  1. They're offering you a free one and a refund for the Safeway Danish...


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