Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vancouver: La Mezcaleria

sip don't shoot

I love it when I go to a restaurant and the servers teach me something new. They do that because they know what they're serving. As Papa GG always said - knowledge is power.

La Mezcaleria is using their power responsibly - influencing the masses with their awesome eats and even better shooters. Sorry, they insist you sip mezcal. No one in my family sips or nibbles. We chug and mow. 

Mezcal - a spirit distilled from steamed hearts of various species of agaves
Tequila - a distilled beverage only made from the blue agave plant
It's a small space so seating is limited and it gets busy. Luckily they take reservations for parties of six or more. It was Taro's birthday, so I joined the festivities, along with Raulie and two of the sister's other friends. It's a cute restaurant, long wood bar in the centre in front of an open kitchen area, hanging plants, and drop dome lights. The service is borderline - our server was strong out of the gate, then fizzled fast. Much like the last guy I dated. Pause.

If a trio of mezcal shooters isn't for you, the cocktails are amazing. Get one, two, even three. Since it was Taro's special day she had four, five...

We got two starters to share. In the words of Momma GG, the ceviche was "not bad"...I thought it was kind of bland. The guacamole on the other hand, made to order and made to be demolished. Really, really good:

The sister and I shared the enchiladas clasicas ($12) and the four meat tacos ($9.50):
Filled with chicken, topped with green tomatillo, onion, cream, and Mexican cheese.
Good...but it made me want a taquito.
DE CACHETE (braised beef cheeks)
CARNITA (pork confit with pickled red onions)
POLLO CON MOLE (chicken with mole)
pork marinated in achiote chilli and pineapple)

De cachete was the clear winner. It was pass the taco - take a bite, move to the next. I wanted to stop when I got to the beef cheek. So damn good.

I did not like dessert. It got lost somewhere between a flan and custard. Good flavours, poor texture.

A winning formula: well-priced traditional Mexican food with a focus on local, organic and sustainable ingredients, plus kick ass cocktails and a lively laid-back venue. 

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  1. Why no mention of their great Mezcales? Vancouver is lucky to have a Mezcaleria!


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