Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vancouver: Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe


Ever since New York...I have become fascinated by these little French treats.  But unlike the hoards of bloggers out there criticizing x, y, z...I decided before I speak, I should bake them myself. So I did. And on my first try I produced 30 of my own handcrafted macarons. And you know what? They were pretty, and they were good. 

Contrary to what I read on the internet - I'm not sure there's any magic to making these. You don't really need to spend tons of money buying premium ingredients, but you do need to dish out the $12 or so for a bag of almond meal if you can't be bothered to make your own. When it comes down to actually making them, they're not hard, although I wouldn't say they're easy.

I now have a better appreciation for those that make so many different kinds everyday, but I also have a growing disdain for people who make lists like "What I look for in a Parisian Macaron" and then knit-pick. If you break down these cookies and analyze every minor minutiae you likely have no idea what goes into making them or how little leeway you have to go from a good macaron to a perfect macaron. Make it, then say it.

Now that I've walked the walk, let me talk the talk.

Macarons are either good or bad. Even the best ones, the most praised and celebrated ones from Laduree to Francois Payard fall into the good bag.

Here in my backyard, Theirry is pretty good...

A trio of happy eats.
A good macaron is smooth, chewy, round with feet (ridges) and has the right ratio of filling to cookie:

Salted caramel
I liked Thierry. It's a cute cafe with some really delicious treats. I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was overflowing with Koreans...not sure what that's about. Anybody???

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