Friday, August 2, 2013

Vancouver: W SkinCare

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To my beauty bees...I'm sorry. Here's one for the money. 

I hear Lainey is off to Toronto. I also hear W SkinCare is set to open a location in Toronto. Why must I keep being reminded of Toronto. I'm trying to let it go. It's so hard letting go.

The W SkinCare phenomenon originated right here in Beautiful British Columbia. Lorinda Zimmerman. I won't bore you here - you can read about it here, there or over there. I read it on Lainey first. Then I did my due diligence.

After becoming disenchanted (yes sister, DISENCHANTED) with all the mediocre facials I was wasting my money on (since Pure + Simple has yet to hear my plea about opening in Vancity), I figured spending $225 for a celebrity endorsed treatment doesn't sound like a total money dump.
What it is - Zimmerman's signature service is microdermabrasian + cold laser.
What it does - Microderm is deep cleaning exfoliation suction - like a vacuum on your face that evens texture, minimizes pores, fine lines and scars, as well as discolouration. Basically it un-grosses your skin :). Cold laser feels like an ultrasound on your face - no seriously. A pestle like device massages your skin through layers of cold gel to stimulate collagen production.

Oh ya, I did just ALL CAPS that. Immediately after my treatment I felt FRESH and NEW. Why? Well it's all about the collagen baby. Collagen is what makes us youthful. It's the glue that keeps things up, taught, soft and plump. But as we age, it s l o w s. Some argue that collagen production stops all together.  People will find anything to argue about.

Final verdict: I'd do it again. No hesitation. But do I need it now? No. But when nature comes calling, and she does and she will...I know where to turn. For now, I look younger than I probably's not on me, I got it from my momma.

Fine print: W SkinCare is a minimalistic white space with some fantastic art. The rooms are simple, but sterile. Remember, it's clinical focused skin care. So no soft blankets, no whale music, but it also means NO TIP. They don't want them. It's just real skin care. Try it. If you have $250 to drop (with tax) just do it. Really, you don't need to think about it. Zimmerman's technique is innovative and it works. Keep in mind It gets better the more you go since the effects pancake. Follow-up treatments are just cold laser at a smaller price tag of $150. Ask yourself, invest in your wardrobe or you invest in your face. Which lasts longer, what matters more? The answer is different for everyone, and that answer changes as we age.

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