Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vancouver: Acme Cafe

there's no other way to go

The best thing about not working on a Friday? Brunch. I still have so many places to try and have barely made any headway. Sigh. I love Brunch, there's really no other way to go. 

This past Friday the sister and I were out and about at 630 am. By the time we finished our errands we were hangry. Acme Cafe was the closest so we went. It's a cute, casual diner on Hastings. Service is friendly and the kitchen is open. They have a nice selection of baked goods, but the pies will be what catch and hold your attention - I guarantee. It seems I should have saved room for pie. The lemon meringue pie was calling to me, but my belly refused to make room because we had this:

The sister's eggs benny. It just didn't have the same texture or flavours. Made us miss Cafe Zen.

I think it didn't fly with us because we're classic. We may like modern and trendy, but when it comes to some things, we just like to kick it old school, especially when it comes to benedict. Classic mcmuffin is the way to our hearts. Acme's bread broke ours. 
I had the baked eggs with bacon. It was delicious, but I didn't care for their potatoes. A little too oily, and bland.

Acme's mac and cheese, however, simply delicious. Really good. We shared a side order when we should have had a full order...each. Creamy with a nice sharp bite with breadcrumbs for added texture. So very good. Sir, can I have some mo.

Simply irresistible.

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