Monday, September 2, 2013

Vancouver: Ki Isu Japanese Restaurant

meh: an interjection used as an expression of indifference

It wasn't terrible. Definitely not bad enough for me to hit that dislike button on Urbanspoon, which is oddly satisfying. Course if I was judging it on the takoyaki balls alone I'd be hitting that dislike button all night long. All. night. long.

Terrible takoyaki. Dislike.
The rest of what I put in my mouth was meh. 

The negitoro passes - cheap, fresh, and well rolled. 
The inside out rolls (chopped scallop and spicy tuna) on the other hand were sloppy and poorly rolled. The spicy dynamite roll looked more like futomaki but tasted better than it looked. 
The tempura was solid although their sauce is strangely sweet.
6 pieces for $8.50
I doubt I'd go again for sushi, after all a few blocks away is Kaide, say yay. But sometimes girl wants some tempura and Ki Isu's is fine.

As you can see it was a close call. Really, it could have gone either way but I'm in a good mood these days. I leave it up to you.

Ki-Isu Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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