Monday, September 16, 2013

Vancouver: Nook Restaurant

only miss the sun
:West End:

The summer is over. Do we miss it already? Or will we miss it when it starts to snow? Does it even snow here in Vancity??? I can tell you I will miss the great winters of Toronto. The best days are the sunny snow days. Shades and scarf - my two favourite accessories. But we're not here to talk about my wardrobe. As always we're here to talk about my stomach and she's still smiling from last week's dinner with ma familia.

We went to Nook and loved it. From the name to the space right down to the last bite. We had the most delightful server. She was a petite brunette who exuded warmth and knew the menu.

This restaurant has really done what its name alludes. It's carved out its own tiny space at the corner of Denman and Robson. A really cozy unpretentious spot, with a fabulous wine menu, offering really good Italian food. Sidebar: It's the  kind of place that makes me want to start dating again. Want and do have yet to meet on this point.

The menu is small but every dish is destined for greatness. Our meal was delicious: simple flavours, plated neatly and with all the right seasonings and extras (ample freshly grated cheese).

Buffalo mozzarella with arugula ($12)
Creamy and nutty
Ricotta, spinach, roasted garlic and olives ($17)
Thin handcrafted pizza - chewy and crispy
Campanelle ($16)
Broccolini, pine nuts and Calabrian chiles
Sweet and salty with a little kick
Spaghetti Bolognese ($16) - MY FAVOURITE
A perfect plate of bolognese. Classic robust flavour.
We cleaned our plates and left happy and full. So if I'm so hard to please, how did Nook do it so easily?!?

Note: The portions aren't large but filling for a normal person. My appetite is just out of this world. And don't forget the daily specials.

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