Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vancouver: Pajo's Fish & Chips

beware of bees

My family loves fish & chips. We always have. It follows then that Pajo's has been on my mind since my move here. 

I was totally down with the cuteness of sitting on the warf eating out of cone that fits into a hole in the table. It's not gimmicky, it's genius. What I don't care for is unwelcome lunch guests. And at this location, that is wasps. And while today was a gorgeous day to walk around the little waterside village known as Steveston, it brought out these pesky flying horrors. Pajo's eating area was so overwrought with wasps that I can't tell you I enjoyed my food. It doesn't make for a nice experience to have a half a dozen or so wasps in your face, near your food or on your drink. I'd say half of the patrons did a good job of ignoring them, the other half were either swatting them away or moving.  We fled. Although the sister and Momma GG were not as stressed out as me, none of us enjoyed our lunch.

Update: Apparently wasps is a thing. Like it's an actual thing here in Vancouver. Listen Vancity, if you didn't want me here either you could just say so. I don't need a "sign".

Let's say I put the wasps aside, which is really big of me because I'm still traumatized by them, Pajo's is good. It was perfectly coated fried fish. Both the halibut and cod were flaky, delicate and tender. The fries were good and the gravy was kick ass. Too bad the coleslaw wasn't seasoned properly. Momma GG preferred Cockney and voiced that opinion and well, doesn't momma know best?

I have to specifically mention the sauce because  the sister and I were really surprised at how terrible the tartar was. It was neither tangy nor chunky and looked and tasted more like mayo. 

Large halibut & chips
Now all in all, Pajo's was good but it takes a lot more than what they gave me for me to even consider it top 5, much less "the best". I would go again, but absolutely not to this location. I was so bothered by the wasps that I'm scared to ever go back.

We are a condiment loving family:
Me gravy and vinegar
The sister ketchup and tartar
Plus in my books, if you're serving awesome fish & chips, then I only ask that you have awesome homemade tartar . But I may be asking too much of what I've been told is arguably the city's best fish & chips. In that case, all I can do is argue that it's not. 

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