Monday, September 9, 2013

Vancouver: Timothy's Frozen Yogurt


So does the frozen yogurt at Timothy's remind you of anything? Anyone? 

Well then you must not be born between 1970 and 1980 and you must not have stepped foot into Guilford Mall, Metrotown or Pacific Centre. All three were home to a Yogen Fruz at one point or another. Personally, it was a staple of my childhood and first stop in any mall.

Let me walk you through it: Yogen Fruz presses their frozen yogurt through a machine with whatever fruit you want with it. It's awesome. Timothy's presses their frozen yogurt through a machine with whatever fruit you want with it. It's awesome.

Do you see a difference? I don't see a difference, except for the fact that I ate Yogen Fruz with my blue eyeliner wearing entourage of mean girls as we scoured the mall looking for cute boys. Yes, much of my teenage angst flowed from misguided ideas about what was cool. It's true what they say, the older you get, the smarter you are.

Now many moons later, I find myself in the company of the ma and the sister. We three decided to pig out on Timothy's after spending a few hours treasuring hunting through the shops of Steveston.

Different medium, same old fashioned frozen yogurt goodness. The sister and I had strawberry and cherry respectively:

Cherry (top) and Strawberry (bottom)

Momma GG had gelato and loved it:

Espresso & Maple Walnut
I loved Yogen Fruz. But Timothy's came out on top with it's homemade waffle cone. They're so fresh they're still warm...oh yes. So good it makes me want to throwback everyday not just Thursday.

P.S. Chloe's ma recommended cherry. She was right - it's a wonderful medley of sour, sweet and tart. Just like me.

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