Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vancouver: West Oak

sexy sunday brunch
This place is not your typical brunch spot. West Oak is sexy. The servers are dressed to the nines and sporting less clothing than you'd expect or want but it all works together. It's a great venue with large wood tables and rustic mirrors, exposed brick and funky industrial lighting. And it's all connected with the live DJ spinning some happy beats and an open kitchen serving up solid eats. Oh there I go rhyming. That's always a good sign.

The last Sunday of every month West Oak serves a three course brunch with champagne for $25 - great value, good food:


French toast

Eggs benedict with sausage, bacon and home fries
Ending your meal with cookies straight out of the oven is never a bad thing, it's a great thing.
My brunchmates ordered off their menu and the standout goes to the triple-cooked fries. Ridiculous. Extra crispy shell, soft mashed like centre. Yum.
Here's the "Royale with cheese" burger. It wasn't great, a bit dry, but it came with those fries...those fries will win me over every time.
My first thought when I got to West oak was that the sister's girls would l-o-v-e it. It's modern, mature and outright sexy. I think she's planning an encore and obviously I intend to crash.

I embrace sexy Sundays. Every once in a while, we all should.

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