Friday, November 1, 2013

Vancouver: Dasom

real seoul

This post is about two of my favourite things:

Amazing bakers
Korean food

Sure they don't go together, but in October they do.  Look what Ceecee made in honour of our obsession with the Atlanta panda twins. We're not the only ones all over it...Lainey recently posted about the cute furballs too.  Ceecee's post tells you how to make these, because Gord only knows I couldn't.

banana cupcakes with cream cheese icing
by Ceecee
Now onto my other favourite thing - Korean food. Of course Vancouver is not making it easy for me to get some...

I ventured out to Surrey - one of my least favourite cities in Canada - for  quality time with Momma GG. Finding worthy Korean food (other than Momma GG's homecooked goodness) in Vancouver has really been shameful. It has a little to do with cost (I'm still having a hard time accepting how high the cost of living is in Vancity) and a lot more to do with quality (everything just tastes below average).

In the one year and twenty-three days since I moved here, one restaurant stands out. I would go again and again if it wasn't so far. 

It's a family owned restaurant in a strip mall across the street from the beast that has become Guildford mall, and it's always good. That may explain why it's generally busy at peak hours. This place was a go-to for Papa GG, and if I've taught you anything, it's that Papa GG demands excellence. 

Dasom is excellent:

One of my favourites - Kalbitang (beef rib soup with glass noodles, daikon, egg and onions)

This is Momma GG's favourite - it's a two pack punch of grilled mackerel and soy bean paste soup:
Always best together. 
Consistently good, traditional, conventional, and delicious. That makes it worth the trek, non?
DaSom Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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