Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vancouver: Faubourg

fall romance

There's nothing more romantic than the fall. The warm colours, the falling leaves, and a fresh chill in the air. It's a prelude to winter, and my favourite season. To me, autumn is scarves, cappuccinos and croissants. Three things that make me happy. Happiness was fleeting last year. I did not have a happy year, and as we approach the day that defined unhappiness for me, I keep focused on things that make me happy.

Saturday dates with Momma GG make me happy. Even when she irritates me, like mothers so often do. 

I took Momma GG to Faubourg, a beautiful, busy French patisserie across from the Art Gallery and adjacent to one of the city's greatest landmarks, Hotel Vancouver. I tried their almond croissant on Friday. It didn't hold a candle to that little bakery in the Plateau, but it was damn good so I knew I had to go back.

Sadly they were out of croissants, but Franck Point - at least that's who I think he is - was happy to say he'd have more in an hour. 

This place is true to its French roots. They don't compromise. Note I think Beaucoup is better, but Faubourg is downtown. And what is it that I always say about proximity?!

Fauboug's array of baked goods are refined and aimed to please discerning palates and it shows in the price point. But I'd gladly pay $3 a croissant for this:

Flaky, buttery, soft and chewy - Perfect and fresh out of the oven
I also convinced Momma GG to try a macaron. Granted she didn't like it, but at least she took a bite. Three bites actually - one of each:

Personally I thought there was too much filling but the Hazelnut Prailine and Earl Grey were good. 
The Signature (passion fruit and white chocolate) was not - far too sweet.
Faubourg is a sophisticated and stylish bakery in a city that gets criticized for its bad fashion sense. Breads wouldn't have been my starting point, but every city's makeover is different.

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