Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vancouver: Forage

great celebration, poor execution

It's based on an admirable concept - homegrown and sustainable.
It's built on a beautiful idea - comfortable and unpretentious.
But it fell a little shy of being all that.  

Forage had all the potential to be a brilliant night out. The restaurant has received so much praise from critics and diners so the sister thought it'd be the perfect place for a family night out.

Nothing was terrible but as a family we felt the food fell short. Dish after dish something was always missing...
Foraged and cultivated mushrooms, Okanagan goat cheese, grilled caraway rye $12
The cast iron is for show...too bad because it could have solved the missing piece - texture
Rangeland game burger, caramelized onion preserve, house-cured bacon, gouda, fries $16

This wasn't missing anything per se, but that homemade ketchup was terrible.
Haida Gwaii halibut, ginger squash purée, gnocchi,lamb bacon, spicy heirloom tomatoes $22
A BEAUTIFUL fish made ugly by overcooking...shame.
A Thanksgiving special
(I's excuses for my tardiness except that I'm super busy)
It was missing seasoning - so bland.
By the end of the meal it was clear, we were glad we tried it. The food was fine and the restaurant and service were lovely, but we wouldn't go back.

If every dish falls short I don't generally feel like I'm missing out on anything if I don't ever go again. I'm that harsh, course the family agreed with me and they're a warm and fuzzy lot. Two ends of the spectrum, same verdict - sorry Forage.

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