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Vancouver: C Restaurant

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Where do I begin? Apologies...I have been MIA. If you follow me on the regular, then you know this doesn't happen often but when I fall off the blogosphere, I'm gone a while.

Happy new year. I hope your start to 2014 was as great as mine. January 1 shines a light on how the rest of your year will be. I started mine with my favourite person in the whole wide world, Momma GG. I sipped on a delicious cup of coffee while exchanging new year well wishes with my lovers - the BFF and his lady, Aerie and her delightful family, Cracker and The Scotsman, and so on...

I spent the past couple months getting insight into a whole new working world. I walked away from it with a new appreciation and higher respect. There are people who have a natural ability to sell, and it rivals my degrees. 

I ate, drank and ate some more while I was MIA. Shall we start with the priciest? Let's.

Groupon or no GrouponC Restaurant will cost you. It's over-priced so I'm about to whine about it. For the price, the place is lacking the refinement and lustre of Hawksworth and the like. To me, it is not in the same company. The food isn't as polished and the service isn't as fabulous. Remember, I'll gladly dish out $100 for dinner, but it better start a party in my belly and put a bounce in my step. 

The sister, her New York fly girl Roxy and I were underwhelmed. It was good but the experience was tainted by the pace of their price fixed menu - too slow - d r a g g e d o n. There needs to be a steady beat - time for you to rest your palate, but not time for the sister to get hangry. Which she was by course four at which point we said fire it all up.

I'm not saying don't go - I'm saying be prepared. It's a great place for couples - so romance. Just save it for a rare occasion, not necessarily a special one.

Here are the first three courses: the soup was too runny, the salad was quite good, and the tuna was interesting, it came with a basil sorbet.

Foie...Mmmmm, too bad this is try two. The first foie they brought was clearly overcooked.
But they graceful fixed the mistake and voila.
The next dishes- two courses of fish - were just okay:

I opted out of the set menu and started with lobster risotto:

Divine. Big chunks of lobster, perfect risotto and and topped with a little lobster bisque. Layer and layers of goodness.
Mussels and Bert & Ernie, a match made in heaven:

Service was pleasant and polite, but it lacked attention to detail. If you're not sure what I mean by that, I invite you to visit one of the following restaurants: Hawksworth, L'Abbatoir, Yew or in Toronto, Splendido, Harbour Sixty, North 44 or Nobu, Jean Georges in New York...there are many. These restaurants earn their price tag - both on the plate and how they serve it.

I did appreciate the fact our server brought me a dessert too (I didn't order one but Roxy and the sister got one with their set menu). That was nice, and unexpected. A bonus point for their initiative.

Not the greatest panna cotta, but refreshing and with a gooseberry.
Gooseberries are fun.
C Restaurant is like the Boathouse Restaurant met an expensive plastic surgeon. Let's remember, a face lift, botox and fillers can make you hot, but imperfections find a way to seep out, little by little. And that was my problem with C. It was just short of what it should be. 

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